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Working closely with small communities

We have created special relationships with artisans in Indonesia, Morocco and India. We follow their process closely and are often amazed at the craftsmanship and talent that has been passed down from generation to generation.

In Indonesia, while there are some factories mainly in the garment space that have a large number of workers using modern tools and machines, the majority of work done in the homeware space is completed by families using hand tools.

After we have finalised our designs, we typically place the order with a community leader who passes the work out to families in their community. These families work together to make the items. Large groups of family members sit together in a central area, and weave, cut, carve etc. Skills are passed on between family members.

So strong are these skill sets, that many communities in Bali are known worldwide for a particular craftsmanship.

So when you buy an item that is handmade in Bali, you are generally directly supporting family incomes, and in doing so strengthening the local community the families live in, and in a sustainable way.

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