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Beni Ourain cream rugs Australia
Beni Ourain Cream Rugs Australia
Lola Beni Ourain rug | Pre-order
Lola Beni Ourain rug | Pre-order

Lola Beni Ourain rug | Pre-order

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Moroccan Beni Ourain rug

Handmade Moroccan Beni Ourain rug - cream base with textured detailing. Beautifully soft and wooly - perfect for winter.

*Lead time: 4-6 weeks*

Available in the following sizes: 

* 240cm x 160cm
* 300cm x 200cm
* 400cm x 300cm

Or you can email us for a custom size:

The Beni Ourain people lived in the Atlas Mountains (Morocco) from the ninth century AD onwards, and the name refers to 17 Berber tribes who primarily live there.

Traditionally, Beni Ourain rugs were made by women meticulously weaving tapestries from wool or recycled textiles at home, with little changing from generation to generation a lot of the techniques remain the same to this day,

The thick pile, woven, cream-colored rugs are traditionally made from the wool of the breed of Beni Ourain sheep and have thin black lines criss-crossing to form a diamond shape. That symbol is actually an ‚ÄėX‚Äô¬†and is known to symbolise peace and harmony.

  • 100% wool
  • Handmade in Morocco, one of a kind¬†¬†

Please email us for further details:

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